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Java RFC 5297 SIV Authenticated Encryption

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  • No dependencies (required BouncyCastle classes are repackaged)
  • Passes official RFC 5297 test vectors
  • Constant time authentication
  • Defaults on AES, but supports any block cipher with a 128-bit block size.
  • Supports any key sizes that the block cipher supports (e.g. 128/192/256-bit keys for AES)
  • Thread-safe
  • Fast
  • Requires JDK 8+ or Android API Level 24+ (since version 1.4.0)


Finding Comment
1u1-22-001 The GPG key is used exclusively for the Maven repositories, is designed for signing only and is protected by a 30-character generated password (alphabet size: 96 chars). It is iterated and salted (SHA1 with 20971520 iterations). An offline attack is also very unattractive. Apart from that, this finding has no influence on the Tresor apps1. This was not known to Cure53 at the time of reporting.
1u1-22-002 As per contract of BlockCipher#processBlock(byte[], int, byte[], int), JceAesBlockCipher is designed to encrypt or decrypt just one single block at a time. JCE doesn't allow us to retrieve the plain cipher without a mode, so we explicitly request AES/ECB/NoPadding. This is by design, because we want the plain cipher for a single 128 bit block without any mode. We're not actually using ECB mode.


private static final SivMode AES_SIV = new SivMode();

public void encrypt() {
  byte[] encrypted = AES_SIV.encrypt(ctrKey, macKey, "hello world".getBytes());
  byte[] decrypted = AES_SIV.decrypt(ctrKey, macKey, encrypted);

public void encryptWithAssociatedData() {
  byte[] encrypted = AES_SIV.encrypt(ctrKey, macKey, "hello world".getBytes(), "associated".getBytes(), "data".getBytes());
  byte[] decrypted = AES_SIV.decrypt(ctrKey, macKey, encrypted, "associated".getBytes(), "data".getBytes());

Maven integration



From version 1.3.2 onwards this library is an explicit module with the name org.cryptomator.siv. You can use it by adding the following line to your

requires org.cryptomator.siv;

Because BouncyCastle classes are shaded, this library only depends on java.base.


This is a Maven project. To build it, run mvn clean install.

Requires JDK 11.0.3 or newer at build time due to JPMS support.


Distributed under the MIT X Consortium license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

1 The Cure53 pentesting was performed during the development of the apps for 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH.