Debian for Cubieboard
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Cubian is a Linux operating system designed for Cubieboard based on Debian wheezy.
Cubian is the minimal version with customization which include but not limited to:

  1. Cubieboard bootup Logo
  2. Build with the latest stable Kernel (version 3.4.43) for cubieboard1
  3. Support NAND installation
  4. Onboard LEDS show the IP address through Morse code (you don't need a HDMI screen neither USB-TTL cable and Router's admin privileges to start play cubieboard)
  5. Full GPIO support
  6. Well documented
  7. Basic SSH security config
  8. Battery included (various utilities were pre-installed like VIM,perl etc.)
  9. Synchronize clock with internet time servers automaticlly

Cubian screenshot

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Quick Links

  1. Wiki
  2. Install Cubian
  3. Get started Cubian
  4. GPIO Introduction
  5. Download Cubian