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An interactive environment to explore the Facebook JavaScript SDK.
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Facebook Read Eval Log Loop is an interactive environment for exploring the Facebook Connect JavaScript SDK. The SDK is available here.

Try it out.

Development Environment

You'll need Go to work on rell. Once you have it:


Then go to http://localhost:43600/. Look at the help text from rell -h to see what other options are available. You'll need your own Facebook Application and a Parse Application to make some of the features available.


The application can be run on Heroku:

heroku create -s cedar
heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL=
heroku config:set RELL_EMPCHECK_APP_ID=...
heroku config:set RELL_EMPCHECK_APP_SECRET=...
heroku config:set RELL_FB_APP_ID=...
heroku config:set RELL_FB_APP_NS=...
heroku config:set RELL_FB_APP_SECRET=...
heroku config:set RELL_PARSE_APP_ID=...
heroku config:set RELL_PARSE_REST_API_KEY=...


A Docker container can be built using:

make docker
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