Tricubic interpolation module for Python.
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pytricubic is a simple Python wrapper for the tricubic interpolation algorithm
by Lekien and Marsden based on the implementation by David Kirkby
( I drastically improved performance by
doing the matrix multiplication with the linear algebra template library Eigen.

This code is only a basic wrapper around the interpolator. Taking numpy arrays
instead of Python lists would be desirable.

The tricubic interpolation scheme is described in:

  Lekien, F. and Marsden, J.: Tricubic interpolation in three dimensions.
                              In: International Journal for Numerical Methods
                              in Engineering (2005), No. 63, p. 455-471

##0. Building

This chapter assumes that you are working in a standard Linux environment with
tools like g++ and cmake already installed. The Eigen linear algebra library and
Boost are required to compile this code. Both can be obtained and installed 
easily on every Linux distribution.

* [Eigen >=3.1.3](
* [Boost >=1.48](

After having installed the required dependencies, the source code can be
downloaded and compiled. Adjusting the EIGEN3_INCLUDE_DIR path in CMakeLists.txt
to the path where you installed Eigen is necessary.

  git clone git://
  cd pytricubic
  cmake .
  cmake --build .

##1. Usage

An example of how to use the interpolator class is given in