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Daptin default market

This git repository contains schemas for a variety of applications which you can install in Daptin. This market is present by default in a new instance. You can create your own repo and use it as a market among your users.


Packages are smaller set of APIs you can pick and selectively install in Daptin. You can install these at any time after you have setup Daptin. Packages can define one or more of the following:

  • Entities
    • Name: this defines the endpoint path
    • Columns/Fields
    • Indexes
    • Constraints
    • Validations
  • Relations
    • among different entities
  • Actions
    • Name: this defines the endpoint path
    • In fields: initial set of values/data required to invoke the user
    • Outcomes: set of invokations which take place chained one after the other
  • State machines
    • Name: this defines the endpoint path
    • Initial event
    • States and events
  • Exchanges
    • Syncing data with external sources
    • Google sheet endpoint

List of packages

Schema Entities Actions State machines Description
Blog blog, post, comment Leave a comment, Create new post publish_status A single-user/multi-user blogging platform
Contruction Project Management construction - - A basic entity designing demo
Faq faq, merchant - - Frequently answered questions platform
Pay Via Paypal - mark_as_complete_by_paypal, buy_package - Integrate "Pay via Paypal" to any entity
Store inventory, sale new_purchase, return item - A demonstrative schema showing how to use scripting in actions effectively
Style style, orders, vendors, cost, style_file new_order, sync with google sheet light_states A multi user designer cloth manufacturing management system
Task List todo, tags, projects new_task, mark_as_completed, new_project, new_data_exchange task_status Multi-user todo and task management platform with tags and projects
Transactions and Payments sale, payment - - Requirement for the "Pay-via-Paypal" integration to maintain sales and payment information

How to install

  • Goto Dashboard
  • Goto Market places
  • Find "Default market" in the list
  • Click "Expand" to go to since marketplace item
  • In actions, click "Install a package"
  • Enter the "Name of the folder" of the package you want to install
  • Submit, Daptin will restart to apply changes and expose new endpoints

New to Daptin ?

Find out more here

Package structure

Each folder can have the following files:

  • JSON: schema files defining entities, actions and others parts
  • CSV: to import as a data dump, if referenced by one of the JSON "imports"
  • XLS: to import as a data dump, if referenced by one of the JSON "imports"