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Dart language evolution

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This repository is a place for the Dart language team to work on language changes and features, and to solicit and accept feedback and requests.

Dart language team

As of January 2024, the Dart language team consists of:


We follow this process for planning and rolling out language changes.

Features currently being worked on are listed in the language funnel.


Anyone can participate in the discussion about language changes by participating on the dart language mailing list, by replying to issues in this repository, and by uploading documents, tests or other resources.

When commenting on issues in this repository, keep in mind:

  • 👍 reactions are more useful than comments to show support.
  • Motivating examples help us understand why you want new features more than pointers to other languages which have them. We love hearing feedback about your experiences with other languages, but we also want to know why they are right for Dart in particular.

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