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dart:dom indexeddb unable to retrieve correctly formed object from database #1883

sethladd opened this issue Feb 28, 2012 · 13 comments
web-libraries Issues impacting dart:html, etc., libraries


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I can save an object into the database, but I can't retrieve the same object from the database.

For example,

I can save this:

{'x': ['foo', {'bar':2}]}

which gets translated to JavaScript like this:

_map(["x", ["foo", _map(["bar", (2)])]])

and when I retrieve that object from the DB, it looks like this:

_list: Object
_map: Object
  _keys: Array[6]
    5: "x"
  length: 6
  proto: Array[0]
  _loadLimit: 6
  _numberOfDeleted: 0
  _numberOfEntries: 1
  _values: Array[6]
  proto: Object
  proto: Object

but instead it should look something more like this:

  x: Array[2]
    0: "foo"
    1: Object
      bar: 2
    proto: Object
    length: 2
  proto: Array[0]
  proto: Object

I should be able to do this on retrieved object:


I'll attach working JavaScript code.

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Contributor Author

Attaching working raw, native JavaScript code. The results of this code should also work in Dart.

javascript.js (921 Bytes)

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Contributor Author

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The put operation stores a 'structured clone' of the object.
This copies the JavaScript object graph - the same rules as used for postMessage.

The Dart Map<> object is not a direct JavaScript Object. What you see is the structured clone of the Dart Map implementation.
There is code in the isolates library to serialize/deserialize objects but it appears to be bound to the isolate code.

Q1. Is it a requirement that a value written to the database in JavaScript is readable in Dart and vice-versa?

Q2. What is the minimum set of types required to unblock the customer?

cc @sigmundch.
cc @floitschG.

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Contributor Author

Good point, sorry about that. I should be able to do obj['x'][1]['bar']

Regardless, I can't even do obj['x'] on the retrieved object. The code errors with:

Uncaught NoSuchMethodException : method not found: 'operator []'
Receiver: [object Object]
Arguments: [x]

when I try this: pring("Value is $v and ${v['x']}!");

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vsmenon commented Apr 13, 2012

Removed Area-UI label.
Added Area-DOM label.

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Added Isolates label.

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vsmenon commented Jun 22, 2012

Lowering priority. You can get the same functionality via serializing to JSON and storing as a string for now.

Added this to the Later milestone.
Removed Priority-High label.
Added Priority-Medium label.

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Contributor Author

I disagree that this workaround is sufficient. The issue with using a JSON string is that you can't use IndexedDB's nice indexes on object properties.

Removed Isolates label.

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Marked this as blocking #1310.

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Removed Area-DOM label.
Added Area-HTML label.

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Issue #3669 has been merged into this issue.

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vsmenon commented Aug 23, 2012

Removed this from the Later milestone.
Added this to the M1 milestone.

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Fixed at r11331
html/indexeddb_2_test excerises this issue.

Added Fixed label.

@sethladd sethladd added Type-Defect web-libraries Issues impacting dart:html, etc., libraries labels Oct 3, 2012
@sethladd sethladd added this to the M1 milestone Oct 3, 2012
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  9a23b72a  2023-01-11  Nate Bosch  Prepare to publish (#1843)
  d887825a  2023-01-11  Derek Xu  Update vm_service constraints to >=6.0.0 <11.0.0 (#1842)

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  969f41f  2023-01-13  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  Save encoded URI for ACX DevTools (#1890)
  8384a11  2023-01-13  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  Skip flaky test on windows (#1893)
  8224045  2023-01-13  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  Ignore `illegal_language_version_override` for non null-safe fixtures (#1891)
  e42a030  2023-01-13  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  Re-enable most test cases in `devtools_test` (#1881)
  e134e5b  2023-01-11  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  [MV3] Dart debug extension supports DWDS versions < `17.0.0` (#1882)
  ed80c94  2023-01-11  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  [MV3] Prepare extension for release (#1886)
  be616cd  2023-01-10  Anna Gringauze  Return error from expression evaluation if the evaluator is closed. (#1884)
  18b3277  2023-01-10  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  [MV3] Fix late initialization error on debugger detach (#1879)
  03d4035  2023-01-10  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  Check if storage object exists before trying to read properties(#1883)
  ae55fec  2023-01-10  Elliott Brooks (she/her)  Format manifest.json (#1885)
  3743293  2023-01-10  Anna Gringauze  Fix race condition on simultaneous hot restarts (#1870)

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web-libraries Issues impacting dart:html, etc., libraries
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