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Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012

                                GALasm 2.1

                          Portable GAL Assembler
                 Copyright (c) 1998-2003 Alessandro Zummo
        Original sources Copyright (c) 1991-96 Christian Habermann
                            All Rights Reserved

                   Commercial use is strictly forbidden


GALasm was created simply because there were no other
open source GAL assemblers. The assembler core
is basically the one of GALer, a GAL development
environment for the Amiga platform. I was unable
to get in touch with his author to get the permission to 
do the port, so if he complains i'll have to 
stop the development.


GALasm is Copyright (c) 1998-2003 by Alessandro Zummo
but any bug and any piece of code taken from the original GALer
sources is still Copyright (c) 1991-96 by Christian Habermann.


The authors can not be made responsible for any damage caused
by a fault of GALasm. In other words: use it at your own risk.
Even if i've ported it, i've not fully understood every
aspect of the assembler core.


The sources are written in ANSI-C, so it should
be possible to compile them on any platform.
The sources have been successfully compiled
with SAS/C on the Amiga platform and with gcc
on Debian GNU/Linux.

About GALs

Some kind of GALs are not reprogrammable and some others,
especially the one i belong to, are even not programmable at all...
ok, just kidding. The original GALer documentation
is a very well written, so if you want to know
how to write down a GAL equation, run your favorite
browser and load galer/main.html. All the non-Amiga
related sections are still valid for GALasm.


If you type GALasm -h you should obtain the following text:

GALasm 2.1, Portable GAL Assembler
Copyright (c) 1998-2003 Alessandro Zummo. All Rights Reserved
Original sources Copyright (c) 1991-96 Christian Habermann

GALasm [-scfpa] <filename>
-s Enable security fuse
-c Do not create the .chp file
-f Do not create the .fus file
-p Do not create the .pin file
-a Restrict checksum to the fuse array only

I think it's self explanatory, but if you've
any trouble, drop me a note. 


 The author (me) can be contacted at
 while the GALasm support page is located at

 If you have a bug report, a comment or anything else, 
 feel free to write me. 
 Donations are also welcome 8-) .


Very slightly modified version of Alessandro Zummo's GALasm 2.1, for programming GAL devices






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