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C# project to load acadhelper Ruby files in-process with AutoCAD using IronRuby
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AcadHelper Loader

This C# solution builds a dll that allows AutoCAD to load and process commands
that are written in Ruby.

It is based on extending the work started by Kean Walmsley of Autodesk in his April 2, 2009 blog post

The project uses IronRuby and would not be possible without either IronRuby or Kean’s initial work

The REPL in this project is based on work by Tomas Matousek

The functions that allow Ruby code access to the LISP space are based on work by Alexander Rivilis

My thanks to everyone.

This project (along with acadhelper) supercedes the old IronRuby-Autocad-Helper

But there are still some wiki pages that might be of interest

What is it?

The dll created by this project adds several commands to AutoCAD

  1. RBADD – select and load a Ruby file using a dialog box and register the Ruby methods found as AutoCAD commands
  2. -RBADD – select and load a Ruby file from the command line and register the Ruby methods found as AutoCAD commands
  3. RBSPEC – select and load a Ruby file using a dialog box and run the Rspec tests in that file
  4. RB_REPL – creates an IRB clone on the AutoCAD commandline

In order to create the dll, you will need to clone the solution, edit the settings ‘RubyAcadSettings’ with your
correct paths for IronRubyHome and AcadHome, edit the settings for your desired IronRuby search paths (the defaults
are the same as those in ir.exe) and edit your AcadRequires. If you are using AutoCAD version 2009, no editing is needed.
If you are using version 2010, you will need to remove acmgdinternal.dll from the requires list.

(See the comments in RubyAcad.cs for the needd references.)

Netload your dll and you are ready to go.

If you have used previous versions of my acadhelper, you should know that it is not longer necessary to set the search paths
or include the AutoCAD dlls in your .rb files. The new loader does this automatically. But, if needed, you can
still load or change the search paths and AutoCAD requires in either the loader dll or the the .rb files.


Although not technically a requirement, I do suggest that you use acadhelper. It provides
some nice wrapper and helper methods that bring some Ruby goodness to AutoCAD.


AcadHelper.rb is written by David K. Blackmon


Copyright © 2009 David K. Blackmon
All Rights Reserved.
Released under MIT License


Kean Walmsley
Tomas Matousek
Alexander Rivilis

IronRuby and the IronRuby Team

Autodesk and AutoCAD are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc.
In the USA and/or other countries. All other Brand names, product names, or trademarks
belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings
and specifications at any time without notice and is not reponsible for typographical or
graphical errors that may appear in this document.

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