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Dev Protocol

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Dev Protocol

This repository is the place to develop smart contracts for Dev Protocol.

How to use


First, install this repository as an npm package.

> npm i -D @devprotocol/protocol


You can use the Dev Protocol interface by importing it from a Solidity file.

import {IAddressConfig} from "@devprotocol/protocol/contracts/interface/IAddressConfig.sol";
import {IPropertyGroup} from "@devprotocol/protocol/contracts/interface/IPropertyGroup.sol";

contract TestContract {
	function validatePropertyAddress(address _property) external view {
		IAddressConfig addressConfig = IAddressConfig(0x1D415aa39D647834786EB9B5a333A50e9935b796);
		IPropertyGroup propertyGroup = IPropertyGroup(addressConfig.propertyGroup());
		require(propertyGroup.isGroup(_property), "not property address");

This is an example of logic that uses the PropertyGroup contract feature of the Dev Protocol to validate if it is a Property address.

The available interfaces can be found in "node_modules/@devprotocol/protocol/contracts/interface/".

AddressConfig holds the addresses of the contracts used in the Dev Protocol.

AddressConfig address

How to contribute:

Read the contributing guide, and create PR when you have time. 🧚✨

How to setup

Executing the following command will compile each contract.

git clone
cd protocol
yarn generate

run the following command to test each contract.

yarn test

If you use Visual Studio Code, we recommend that you install the following plug-ins: