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What is the OpenSearch protocol?

OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results.

The most recent version of the specification is OpenSearch 1.1 Draft 6.

How is it related to the OpenSearch software project?

The OpenSearch protocol (this repository) was launched in 2005 by, an Amazon subsidiary, as a means for sharing search queries and search results in a standardized format.

In 2021, launched the open source OpenSearch search engine project, unrelated to this effort aside from repurposing the name.

The two projects will continue to independently co-exist, though the search protocol (this project) has largely remained stable and unchanged for over ten years, with no significant updates expected on the horizon.

Neither effort is related to the Open Search Foundation project found here.

What is this repository?

This repository is a migration of the original (2005-2021) website. The raw export files can be found in the src/ subdirectory, the extracted wiki text can be found in the mediawiki/ subdirectory, and a cached copy of the html can be found on

How do I get involved?

The specification has been unchanged and stable for over a decade, and is unlikely to change again. However, if you see a problem or want to suggest a modification, please open an issue on the issue tracker or fork the repository and send a pull request.

The community list can be found at


OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results.







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