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dhewm3 1.5.1 Release Candidate 1

@DanielGibson DanielGibson released this
· 206 commits to master since this release
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Release Candidate 1 for the upcoming version 1.5.1 of our Doom 3 Sourceport

This is outdated, please use version 1.5.1 instead!

Needs the original Doom3 (not BFG!) game data.
See for more information

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  • The (Windows-only) integrated editing tools of Doom3 are back!
    • They can only be built with non-Express versions of Visual Studio (tested Community Editions of VS2013 and VS2017) and can be disabled via CMake
    • Official dhewm3 Windows binaries are built with tools enabled, of course.
    • Only supports 32bit builds, because in contrast to the rest of dhewm3's code, the tool code is not 64bit compatible at all.
    • Based on Code from the dhewm3 branch of SteelStorm2, thanks to Motorsep for donating that code!
    • Has some bugfixes over the state in Doom3 1.3.1, like selecting a material in the Particle Editor doesn't break the viewport of the game any more.
  • While prior dhewm3 releases for Windows have been built with Visual Studio 2010, this is built with Visual Studio 2017, so if it doesn't start on your system make sure you have the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable installed - but chances are good you already have it.
  • dhewm3 now supports the Doom3 Demo gamedata
  • Several sound-related bugfixes:
    • Lags in starting to play a sound which for example caused the machinegun or plasmagun sounds to stutter have been eliminated (#141)
    • Trying to reset disconnected OpenAL devices, this esp. helps with display audio on Intel GPUs on Windows, when switching to fullscreen (#209)
    • Looping .wav sounds with leadin now work (#291)
    • The game still works if no sound devices are available at all (#292)
    • Make "idSoundCache: error unloading data from OpenAL hardware buffer" a Warning instead of an Error so it doesn't terminate game (by Corey O'Connor, #235)
  • Restore "Carmack's Reverse" Z-Fail stencil shadows; use glStencilOpSeparate() if available
    • The bloody patent finally expired last October:
    • This neither seems to make a visual nor performance difference on any hardware I tried (including Raspberry Pi 4), so this is mostly out of principle
    • Based on Code by Leith Bade and Pat Raynor.
    • The r_useCarmacksReverse and r_useStencilOpSeparate CVars allow switching both things on/off for comparison
  • New CVar g_hitEffect: If set to 0, the player camera damage effects (like double-vision and extreme tilt) when being hit are disabled (by dobosken, #279).
  • (On Windows) stdout.txt and stderr.txt are not saved next to the binary anymore, but in My Documents/My Games/dhewm3/, like save games, because the binary dir might not be writable and dhewm3 wouldn't start properly then
  • Registering multiplayer servers at id's master-server fixed, so they can be found in the multiplayer menu (by Stradex, #293)
  • Support for reproducible builds by setting the CMake option REPRODUCIBLE_BUILD.