DigabiOS (Live-Linux for The Matriculation Examination Board of Finland)
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DigabiOS (DOS)

TL;DR Sources for DigabiOS, a Live-Linux system, created by The Matriculation Examination Board of Finland (In Finnish: Ylioppilastutkintolautakunta).



  • runs on student devices (BYOD)
  • prevent cheating (using forbidden materials, communication w/ other students, using internet when forbidden)
  • provide solid system for attending the exam


  • runs on school-owned devices
  • hosts local copy of the testing system, syncs data to cloud


For documentation, see doc/*.md. Manual for live-build toolset: Debian Live Manual.

Requirements for build system

  • Debian 8.0 (jessie)
  • for required packages, see file custom-packages/digabi-dev/debian/control (especially lines Depends, Recommends)

How to build

See doc/building.md for detailed instructions. TL;DR; make -f Makefile.build dist.


The current version of the Matriculation Examination Board's exam operating system aims to demonstrate the exam execution environment. The Matriculation Examination Board reserves the right to revise the exam operating system without prior notice. As this is solely a test version, the final product may be different.

The operating system is designed so that it will not make modifications to the workstation. All testing is done at one's own risk.


This product is based on Debian 8.0 (jessie), and includes software w/ various licenses. For licensing information, see Debian License information . Work done by MEB is licensed under GPLv3, except MEB/Digabi logos (included in some digabi-* packages), and when otherwise noted.