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Digi XBee Python library pypiversion PyPI - Python Version

This project contains the source code of the XBee Python library, an easy-to-use API developed in Python that allows you to interact with Digi International's XBee radio frequency (RF) modules.

This source has been contributed by Digi International.


You can install XBee Python library using pip:

$ pip install digi-xbee

Install from Source

You can install XBee Python library directly from sources. To do so, extract the source code to your computer and execute the following command:

$ pip install <path_to_xbee-python_dir>


XBee Python library has user guide and API reference documentation hosted on Read the Docs. You can find the latest, most up to date, documentation at latest docs. To see only those features which have been released, check out the stable docs.

How to contribute

The contributing guidelines are in the CONTRIBUTING.rst document.


Copyright 2017-2021, Digi International Inc.

The MPL 2.0 license covers the majority of this project with the following exceptions:

  • The ISC license covers the contents of the examples directory.