Node interface which parses sentences into grammatical structures
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Link Grammar Parser

A node library which interfaces a well known link grammar native library

The point of this project is to make the library easier to use, especially in node!

Building Yourself

npm install
npm run make

Which will install, clean, compile, and test the project.


Review list of Grammar Links here.

The parser is built using the awesome ffi library which allows us to communicate with a native library under the covers. Along with ffi, we also use ref library to reference the native objects used by the library.

ffi = require 'ffi'
ref = require 'ref'
Struct = require 'ref-struct'
_ = require 'underscore'

Easier references to base types of data.

pointerType = 'pointer'
string = ref.types.CString
int =

These are just references to different native structs, which are all just pointers because we never use their actual referenced object.

ParseOptions = pointerType 
Dictionary = pointerType
Sentence = pointerType
Linkage = pointerType

CNode = Struct(
	label: ref.types.CString
	child: pointerType
	next: pointerType

CNodePtr = ref.refType CNode

Here are the templates for the native functions we will use.

apiTemplate =
    parse_options_create: [ ParseOptions, [ ] ]
    parse_options_set_verbosity: [ ref.types.void, [ ParseOptions, int ] ]
    dictionary_create: [ Dictionary, [ string, string, string, string ] ]
    sentence_create: [ Sentence, [ string, Dictionary ] ]
    sentence_parse: [ int, [ Sentence, ParseOptions ] ]
    sentence_length: [ int, [ Sentence ] ]
    sentence_get_word: [ string, [ Sentence, int ] ]
    linkage_create: [ Linkage, [ int, Sentence, ParseOptions ] ]
    linkage_print_diagram: [ string, [ Linkage ] ]
    linkage_constituent_tree: [ CNodePtr, [ Linkage ] ]
    linkage_print_constituent_tree: [ string, [ Linkage, int] ]
    linkage_get_num_links: [ int, [ Linkage ] ]
    linkage_get_link_label: [ string, [ Linkage, int ] ]
    linkage_get_link_llabel: [ string, [ Linkage, int ] ]
    linkage_get_link_rlabel: [ string, [ Linkage, int ] ]
    linkage_get_word: [ string, [ Linkage, int ] ]
    linkage_get_link_lword: [ int, [ Linkage, int ] ]
    linkage_get_link_rword: [ int, [ Linkage, int ] ]

Load the library.

libPath = __dirname + '/../lib/libparser'
lib = ffi.Library libPath, apiTemplate
defaultDataPath = __dirname + '/../data/'

Utility functions...

getNodePtrFromPtr = (ptr) ->
	tempPtr = ref.alloc CNodePtr
	ref.writePointer tempPtr, 0, ptr

Default configuration for data paths.

defaultConfig =
    dictPath: defaultDataPath + '4.0.dict'
    ppPath: defaultDataPath + '4.0.knowledge'
    consPath: defaultDataPath + '4.0.constituent-knowledge'
    affixPath: defaultDataPath + '4.0.affix'
    verbose: false

Main parser class which interfaces the native library to make it very simple to get link grammar data from an input string.

class LinkGrammar

A few utility methods for the parser.

    constructor: (config) ->
        @config = _.extend config or {}, defaultConfig
        @options = lib.parse_options_create()
        lib.parse_options_set_verbosity @options, (if @config.verbose then 1  else 0)
        @dictionary = lib.dictionary_create @config.dictPath, @config.ppPath, @config.consPath, @config.affixPath

Parse input, and return linkage.

    parse: (input, index) ->
        sentence = lib.sentence_create input, @dictionary
        numLinkages = lib.sentence_parse sentence, @options 
        new Linkage lib.linkage_create index or 0, sentence, @options

Linkage class which allows for more specific parsing of grammar.

class Linkage

    constructor: (@linkage) ->
        @links = @getLinks()
        @tree = @getTree()
        @words = @getWords()

Recursive tree builder method.

    buildNode: (node) ->
        n =
            label: node.label
        if not ref.isNull node.child
            n.child = @buildNode getNodePtrFromPtr(node.child).deref()
        if not ref.isNull
   = @buildNode getNodePtrFromPtr(

Get a tree of grammar nodes which map out how the input sentence is structered.

    getTree: ->
        rootPtr = lib.linkage_constituent_tree @linkage
        @buildNode rootPtr.deref(), @linkage

Get array of grammar links based on linkage.

    getLinks: ->
        _(lib.linkage_get_num_links @linkage).times ((index) ->
            leftIndex = lib.linkage_get_link_lword @linkage, index
            rightIndex = lib.linkage_get_link_rword @linkage, index
            link =
                label: lib.linkage_get_link_label @linkage, index
                    label: lib.linkage_get_link_llabel @linkage, index
                    word: lib.linkage_get_word @linkage, leftIndex
                    index: leftIndex
                    label: lib.linkage_get_link_rlabel @linkage, index
                    word: lib.linkage_get_word @linkage, rightIndex
                    index: rightIndex
            if link.left.word.indexOf '.' isnt -1
                temp = link.left.word.split '.'
                link.left.word = temp[0]
                link.left.type = temp[1]
            if link.right.word.indexOf '.' isnt -1
                temp = link.right.word.split '.'
                link.right.word = temp[0]
                link.right.type = temp[1]
        ), @

Get parsed words with their grammar type and index

    getWords: ->
            .map (link) -> [link.left, link.right]
            .uniq (link) -> link.word 

Get list of links by specific label type

    linksByLabel: (labelPattern) ->
        labelPattern = new RegExp labelPattern if typeof labelPattern is 'string'
        @links.filter (link) ->
            labelPattern.test link.left.label or labelPattern.test link.right.label

Get list of connector links for a specific word

    getConnectorWords: (common) ->
        words = []
        @links.forEach (link) ->
            if link.left.word is common
                    source: link.left
                    target: link.right
            if link.right.word is common
                    source: link.right
                    target: link.left