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Vercel Cloudflare Workers


This repository contains multiple packages with separate releases. You can find the assembled Discord API wrapper at discord.js. It is a powerful Node.js module that allows you to easily interact with the Discord API.


  • discord.js (source) - A powerful Node.js module for interacting with the Discord API
  • @discordjs/brokers (source) - A collection of brokers for use with discord.js
  • @discordjs/builders (source) - A utility package for easily building Discord API payloads
  • @discordjs/collection (source) - A powerful utility data structure
  • @discordjs/core (source) - A thinly abstracted wrapper around the core components of the Discord API
  • @discordjs/formatters (source) - A collection of functions for formatting strings
  • @discordjs/proxy (source) - A wrapper around @discordjs/rest for running an HTTP proxy
  • @discordjs/rest (source) - A module for interacting with the Discord REST API
  • @discordjs/voice (source) - A module for interacting with the Discord Voice API
  • @discordjs/util (source) - A collection of utility functions
  • @discordjs/ws (source) - A wrapper around Discord's gateway




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