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D installers

Bugzilla Issues

This repository hosts scripts to build DMD installers and packages.

To download a ready-built D installer or package, please visit the downloads page.

To learn more about the install script, please visit the documentation.

To report a problem or browse the list of open bugs, please visit the bug tracker.

Prebuilt Windows libaries

The following binaries are pre-built:

  • LLD (windows/build_lld.bat) - the LLVM linker
  • MinGW (windows/build_mingw.bat)
  • Curl (windows/build_curl.bat) - built on its own branch

Upgrading these libraries requires three steps:

1) Build the new application/library

  • bump the version of the library/application in azure-pipelines.yml
  • update the sha256sums file in the respective in windows (e.g. windows/build_lld.sha256sums)
  • submit a PR

2) Upload the artifact to

  • upload the artifact to
  • rebuilt the site index of
  • ping a maintainer if you don't have the rights)

3) Bump the used application/library version

Typically this requires a PR against create_dmd_release/build_all.d.