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DNS-STATS Visualizer


DNS-STATS Visualizer is a system which can:

  • Consume DNS traffic data files recorded in Compacted-DNS (C-DNS, RFC8618) format from nameservers. (Files in C-DNS format can be generated by DNS-STATS compactor.)

  • Populate a ClickHouse database with per query/response level data (and additionally aggregate data at a chosen time interval)

  • Produce DSC-like statistics graphs of the recorded traffic in Grafana.

RSSAC reports can also be made available via the link at the foot of the main dashboard.

The project was initially developed for ICANN by Sinodun IT, and is now released via DNS-STATS as an open source project licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

For more information see the DNS-STATS Visualizer wiki or github repository.


The latest Visualizer packages are available from ppa:dns-stats/visualizer.


A customised version of this framework is used by ICANN for their public DNS statistics. These screenshots are from the ICANN site.

DNS-STATS Visualizer Query Volumes
DNS-STATS Visualizer IP Version
DNS-STATS Visualizer GeoLocation
DNS-STATS Visualizer Client Subnets