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The highlights:

  • Fig has joined Docker. Fig will continue to be maintained, but we'll also be incorporating the best bits of Fig into Docker itself.

    This means the GitHub repository has moved to https://github.com/docker/fig and our IRC channel is now #docker-fig on Freenode.

  • Fig can be used with the official Docker OS X installer. Boot2Docker will mount the home directory from your host machine so volumes work as expected.

  • Fig supports Docker 1.3.

  • It is now possible to connect to the Docker daemon using TLS by using the DOCKER_CERT_PATH and DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY environment variables.

  • There is a new fig port command which outputs the host port binding of a service, in a similar way to docker port.

  • There is a new fig pull command which pulls the latest images for a service.

  • There is a new fig restart command which restarts a service's containers.

  • Fig creates multiple containers in service by appending a number to the service name (e.g. db_1, db_2, etc). As a convenience, Fig will now give the first container an alias of the service name (e.g. db).

    This link alias is also a valid hostname and added to /etc/hosts so you can connect to linked services using their hostname. For example, instead of resolving the environment variables DB_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR and DB_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT, you could just use the hostname db and port 5432 directly.

  • Volume definitions now support ro mode, expanding ~ and expanding environment variables.

  • .dockerignore is supported when building.

  • The project name can be set with the FIG_PROJECT_NAME environment variable.

  • The --env and --entrypoint options have been added to fig run.

  • The Fig binary for Linux is now linked against an older version of glibc so it works on CentOS 6 and Debian Wheezy.

Other things:

  • fig ps now works on Jenkins and makes fewer API calls to the Docker daemon.
  • --verbose displays more useful debugging output.
  • When starting a service where volumes_from points to a service without any containers running, that service will now be started.
  • Lots of docs improvements. Notably, environment variables are documented and official repositories are used throughout.

Thanks @dnephin, @d11wtq, @marksteve, @rubbish, @jbalonso, @timfreund, @alunduil, @mieciu, @shuron, @moss, @suzaku and @chmouel! Whew.