This repo contains CoreRT, a .NET Core runtime optimized for AOT (ahead of time compilation) scenarios, with the accompanying compiler toolchain.
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.NET Core Runtime (CoreRT)

This repo contains the .NET Core runtime optimized for ahead of time compilation. The CoreRT compiler can compile a managed .NET Core application into a native (architecture specific) single-file executable that is easy to deploy. It can also produce standalone dynamic or static libraries that can be consumed by applications written in other programming languages. To learn more about CoreRT, see the intro document.

Try Our Samples

If you would like to give CoreRT a try, we publish daily snapshots of CoreRT to MyGet. Using CoreRT is as simple as adding a new package reference to your .NET Core project and publishing it. Check out one of our samples: a "Hello World" console app, a simple ASP.NET Core app, or a MonoGame game. The file in each sample's directory will guide you through the process step by step.

Platform Support

This is a work in progress. The current state of platform support:

How to Engage, Contribute and Provide Feedback

Some of the best ways to contribute are to try things out, file bugs, and join in design conversations.

Looking for something to work on? The up for grabs issues are a great place to start. Take a look at our documentation to find out about the architecture and learn how to build and test the repo.

This project follows the .NET Core Contribution Guidelines.

Join the chat at

Reporting security issues and security bugs

Security issues and bugs should be reported privately, via email, to the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) You should receive a response within 24 hours. If for some reason you do not, please follow up via email to ensure we received your original message. Further information, including the MSRC PGP key, can be found in the Security TechCenter.


The CoreRT Repo is licensed under the MIT license.

.NET Foundation

CoreRT is a .NET Foundation project.

This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information, see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.

Related Projects

There are many .NET related projects on GitHub.

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