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.NET Docs

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This repository contains the conceptual documentation for .NET. The .NET documentation site is built from multiple repositories in addition to this one:

Issues and tasks for all but the API reference repository are tracked here. We have a large community using these resources. We make our best effort to respond to issues in a timely fashion. You can read more about our procedures for classifying and resolving issues in our Issues policy topic. To create a new issue, choose from any of the available templates.

💜 Contribute

We welcome contributions to help us improve and complete the .NET docs. This is a very large repo, covering a large area. If this is your first visit, see our labels and projects roadmap for help navigating the issues and projects in this repository. If your contribution includes third-party dependencies, see our guidance on using third-party dependencies.

To contribute, see:

📑 Code of conduct

This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information, see the .NET Foundation: Code of Conduct.

:octocat: GitHub Action workflows

  • Live branch protection: Adds a comment to PRs that were not automated, but rather manually created that target the live branch.
  • Close stale issues: Closes stale issues that have not been updated in 180 days.
  • dependabot auto-approve and auto-merge: Automatically approves and auto-merges PRs originating from the dependabbot[bot].
  • Generate what's new article: Creates a PR to generate the "What's new" article on the first of every month.
  • Markdownlint: The current status for the entire repositories Markdown linter status.
  • MSDocs build verifier: Runs various Markdown verifications, beyond the linter, such as ensuring links and redirects are valid.
  • No response: If an issue is labeled with needs-more-info and the op doesn't respond within 14 days, the issue is closed.
  • OPS status checker: Builds the site for the PR in context, and verifies the build reporting either, success, warnings, or error.
  • Snippets 5000: Custom .NET build validation, locates code impacted by a PR, and builds.
  • Target supported version: Runs monthly, creating issues on projects that target .NET versions that are out of support.
  • Update dependabot.yml: Automatically updates the dependabot configuration weekly, but only if required.
  • quest import: Automatically synchronizes issues with Quest (Azure DevOps).
  • bulk quest import: Manual bulk import of issues into Quest (Azure DevOps).