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…n Local Functions page (#21117)

* improvements to contrast section
- use h3 headings to highlight differences
- add spacing between thoughts so semi-related expressions
don't read as if they were run-on sentences
- add example for yield return for local function
- add link to compiler error in yield return section

* refactor to use new code snippet insertion pattern
- remove YieldLocalFunc file
- add method to snippets\local-functions\Program.cs
- update syntax in

* Address feedback provided in PR

Fixed compile time error in YieldReturn example:
added usings for System.Collections.Generic and System.Linq

Change YieldReturn example to throw an ArgumentException
instead of a base Exception (following best practices) and combine
ToLower on item and yield return into one line instead of two operations

Address written content suggestions/alterations from
@BillWagner and @IEvangelist

* Extra curly brace was causing build to break

* Further changes based on PR discussion

Removed extraenous part of sentence regarding
the compiler from 'Heap allocations' section

Add previously missing negation to 'if (input.Any())' in
yield return example


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