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DuckDB is an in-process SQL OLAP Database Management System.

DuckDB-Wasm brings DuckDB to every browser thanks to WebAssembly.

Duckdb-Wasm speaks Arrow fluently, reads Parquet, CSV and JSON files backed by Filesystem APIs or HTTP requests and has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Node.js. Learn more about DuckDB-Wasm from our VLDB publication or the recorded talk.

Try it out at or Observable, read the API documentation, check out the web-app examples, and chat with us on Discord.

Build from source

git clone
cd duckdb-wasm
git submodule init
git submodule update

Repository Structure

Subproject Description Language
duckdb_wasm Wasm Library C++
@duckdb/duckdb-wasm Typescript API Typescript
@duckdb/duckdb-wasm-shell SQL Shell Rust
@duckdb/duckdb-wasm-app GitHub Page Typescript
@duckdb/react-duckdb React Hooks Typescript