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Continuing where Apple left off with ZFS.
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install_support Don't rewrite the nofs properties unnecessarily.
support Allow version to have --long qualifier
testcases Added testcases
zfs.xcodeproj Add gzip support for filesystem compression
zfs_bundle Increase priority of the zfs.fs filing system
zfs_commands/zoink Allow vnode_t to be used instead of specific ifdefs
zfs_documentation/man8 Removed unnecessary bold
zfs_kext Moved all files to known locations in onnv format
.gitignore Added .hgtags to .gitignore
LICENSE.APPL.txt Added LICENSE.txt and added to installer
LICENSE.CDDL.txt Added LICENSE.txt and added to installer
LICENSE.txt Added LICENSE.txt and added to installer
README.markdown Added a README.
README.txt Added LICENSE.txt and added to installer



If you store data, you probably want ZFS.

This project exists to keep ZFS available and functional on MacOS X.

The initial blog post about the birth of this project on github tells a story.

Use It

Downloads are available at this project's download page, or via the google group.

The getting started guide at the google code wiki will help you start making use of the package.

Give Feedback.

There's a google group and a google code site for talking about and reading about the project.

The bug tracker is waiting for you to tell us how to improve the project.

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