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Stable nuget.exe list Xpand.XAF
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In the DevExpress.XAF repository you can find low dependency DevExpress XAF modules and tools distributed from only.

We aim for low dependency XAF modules so expect to see only a small set of classes per project. To learn more about each module navigate to its root Readme file or search the Wiki.

There are three project categories, follow the links to read more.

  1. DevExpress.XAF.Modules
  2. DevExpress.XAF.Extensions
  3. Tools

Compatibility Matrix

The modules found in this repository are unit tested and EasyTested, consuming the released packages, against the latest Minor of each Major version for the last three years.

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The modules are not bound to DevExpress versioning, which means you can use the latest version with your old DevExpress projects Read more.

The modules follow the Nuget Version Basics.


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Efficient Package Management

Working with many nuget packages may be counter productive. So if you want to boost your productivity make sure you go through the Efficient Package Management wiki page.



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