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Groovy code to build z/OS source code files with Jenkins and Git
Groovy Java REXX
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Groovy code to build z/OS source code files with Jenkins and Git


  • IBM JZOS Toolkit Library, which can be downloaded from IBM Developer

    • After downloading and installing IBM Aqua for Eclipse
    • Add library "IBM JZOS Toolkit Library" ibmjzos.jar
  • Add IBM DBB libaries, to developer and run, these routines require IBM DBB APIs. dbb.core_1.0.0.jar groovy-2.4.12.jar

  • Add JUnit 4 libraries junit.jar org.hamcrest.core_1.3.0.v201303031735.jar

  • Add Apache commons-cli-2.0.jar

  • Add jre.1.8.0_191

See Wiki for more information, including installation, migration and customization


  • Add documentation
  • Complete SDFGenUtility, only one step setup
  • JCLCheck fails because the Java environment is not authorized. Need to switch to a different method
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