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Please visit for a feature list.

To report bugs use engelsystem/issues.

Since the Engelsystem is open source, you can help improving it. We really love to get pull requests containing fixes or improvements. Please read the and before you start.


The Engelsystem may be installed manually or by using the provided docker setup.


  • PHP >= 7.4
    • Required modules:
      • dom
      • json
      • mbstring
      • PDO
        • mysql
      • tokenizer
      • xml/libxml/SimpleXML
      • xmlwriter
  • MySQL-Server >= 5.7.8 or MariaDB-Server >= 10.2.2
  • Webserver, i.e. lighttpd, nginx, or Apache


  • Go to the Releases page and download the latest stable release file.
  • Extract the files to your webroot and continue with the directions for configurations and setup.

Configuration and Setup

  • The webserver must have write access to the storage directory and read access for all other directories

  • The webserver must point to the public directory.

  • The webserver must read the .htaccess file and mod_rewrite must be enabled

  • Recommended: Directory Listing should be disabled.

  • There must be a MySQL database set up with a user who has full rights to that database.

  • If necessary, create a config/config.php to override values from config/config.default.php.

    • To edit values from the footer_items, themes, locales, tshirt_sizes or headers lists, directly modify the config/config.default.php file or rename it to config/config.php.
  • To import the database, the bin/migrate script has to be run. If you can't execute scripts, you can use the initial-install.sql file from the release zip.

  • In the browser, login with credentials admin : asdfasdf and change the password.

The Engelsystem can now be used.

Session Settings

  • Make sure the config allows for sessions.
  • Both Apache and Nginx allow for different VirtualHost configurations.



To build the es_server container:

cd docker
docker-compose build

or to build the container by its own:

docker build -f docker/Dockerfile . -t es_server


Start the Engelsystem

cd docker
docker-compose up -d


Import database changes to migrate it to the newest version

cd docker
docker-compose exec es_server bin/migrate



The bin/ script can be used to deploy the Engelsystem. It uses rsync to deploy the application to a server over ssh.

For usage see ./bin/ -h


The bin/migrate script can be used to import and update the database of the Engelsystem.

For more information on how to use it call ./bin/migrate help


More documentation can be found at: