@me-no-dev me-no-dev released this Jul 28, 2018 · 36 commits to master since this release

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This is the first stable release of Arduino for ESP32 for Arduino Package Manager

  • 30b3eeb * merge only annotated tag messages into release notes (#1683)
  • 3222e64 add LOLIN D32 & D32 PRO Board support (#1688)

@me-no-dev me-no-dev released this Jul 26, 2018 · 38 commits to master since this release

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This prerelease includes new examples, fixes and optimisations

  • Added to main README. Made mods to images as requested.

  • Added links for development package

  • 2fba812 Added instructions for installation with boards manager (#1630)
  • e51f7a5 fix compilation errors in idf
  • 7d2560c roll back the while loop in _parseForm
  • 17065df Added a define to format the spiffs in SPIFFS_Test.ino (#1662)
  • 2f5b3c0 Functions _uploadReadByte and _parseForm were modified in order to (#1677)
  • 1fe3ee8 Feature/selective compilation (#1671)
  • 328523f Memory leak (#1672)
  • 7761ebd Add M5Stack-FIRE board (#1647)
  • f9a382a fix some compilation error and warnings in i2c
  • d854dc1 Create WiFiClientEnterprise.ino (#1640)
  • f1f8d7e Packet with zero data length (#1659)
  • da798c7 Add TTGO LoRa32 with OLED Version 1.x Board (#1663)
  • 8d7fb58 Fix for spurious interrupts during I2C communications (#1665)
  • 2fda054 [OTA Timeout] Added ability set OTA timeout in the OTA client (#1669)
  • e157ec0 expose post args during upload (#1650)
  • 05d72f9 fix WiFi STA going into loop in some cases of disconnect
  • b14f82b Release notes formatting update (#1634)
  • c830511 EEPROM library: Move #include of Arduino.h to header file (#1641)
  • cbd4dc5 Add ALKS board variant (#1643)
  • 44f5a4d Fix Client returning disconnected because of VFS errors
  • e63aa40 Enable PSRAM builds when used as IDF component
  • 28a410d Spurious Interrupts Temporary fix 20180711 (#1625)
  • ddfeae9 Fix AsyncUDP server exception

@me-no-dev me-no-dev released this Jul 2, 2018 · 86 commits to master since this release

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Broke HTTP_Method out into a separate library for reuse in ESPAsyncWe…

…bServer (#1562)