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Swizec commented Jun 14, 2012


I implemented a backend so browser-side javascript can connect to a statsd server and receive stat dumps when they happen.



This pull request passes (merged 2a72ad6 into 4e4ed79).


@Swizec Very cool. My recommendation would be to implement this as a separate StatsD backend packaged as an NPM module. This separates your backend development and required dependencies from the main statsd daemon. Checkout this link for some backend module examples:

Etsy, Inc. member
mrtazz commented Jun 18, 2012

Awesome idea! And yeah what @mheffner said :).

Swizec commented Jun 20, 2012

Turns out there's already a backend implemented as a module.

I should take better care to read the docs :)

@Swizec Swizec closed this Jun 20, 2012
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