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Feature Title Exceptionless Application Insights Elmah Raygun
Open Source X X
Free Self Hosting X X
Detailed error reports X X X
Email Notifications X X X X
Export Events X X
Filtering X X X
Send Custom Data (2) X X
Real-time Client Configuration X
Real-time Dashboards X
Complete Rest API X
Search X X X
Search Custom Fields X
Intelligent Stacking X X X
Custom Stacking X X
Mark Fixed X X
Mark Hidden X X
Comment on Events X
Support Multiple Platforms X X X
User Sessions (3) X X
User % (4) X ?
Broken Links X X X X
Releases X
Feature Usages X
Log Messages X
Custom Event Types X X
Webhooks X X X
  • X = has feature, empty box does not have feature, ? = unknown
  1. Automatically filters out errors caused by bots. This ensures you see less noise.
  2. Send custom data on any event and promote it to a first class tab.
  3. Automatically tracks users sessions. Please note that this is a paid add on for Raygun Pulse ($149/mo).
  4. Ability to see how many users are affected by an error or are using a specific feature.
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