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exercism/emacs-lisp is one of many programming language tracks you can study on This repo holds all the instructions, tests, code, & support files for Emacs Lisp exercises currently under development or implemented & available for students. If you haven't already, you can check out and study the live language track here.

🌟   The test runner is currently running Emacs 29.4

Currently the Emacs Lisp track doesn't feature a syllabus, so it only contains practice exercises. Practice exercises are open-ended problems that allow you to build and test your knowledge of a programming language. You can find the practice exercises referenced in the config.json and the files in the exercises/practice directory. The practice exercises are shared between tracks. You can find the canonical problem description in the problem specifications repository.

🌟🌟  Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct 🌟🌟 
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Contributing to The Emacs Lisp Track

We 💙 our community and welcome contributions.

The following guide is intended to give you an overview about the different ways to help and to point you to the relevant documentation.

There are several ways of contributing to the Emacs Lisp track. Examples would be

Feel free to open an issue or open a pull request for any of those items. Pull Requests should be focused on a single change. They must pass the CI system and need a review by a maintainer before they can get merged.

You can also start work on

If you want to start work on one of those items please first get in touch via GitHub issues or the discourse forum.

✨ 🦄  Not sure how to do something? Check out the documentation!
     Structure | Tasks | Concepts | Concept Exercises | Practice Exercises | Presentation
     Writing Style Guide | Markdown Specification (markdown guidelines for contributing on

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Exercism Emacs Lisp Track License

This repository uses the MIT License.

GNU Emacs icon

The GNU Emacs icon was designed by Andrew Zhilin and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. We have modified the GNU Emacs icon to create the Emacs Lisp icon for Exercism.