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Version 0.4.0.

XSpec is a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework for XSLT and XQuery. It is based on the Spec framework of RSpec, which is a BDD framework for Ruby.

XSpec consists of a syntax for describing the behaviour of your XSLT or XQuery code, and some code that enables you to test your code against those descriptions.

Maven plugins for running XSpec tests as part of a build are available from adamretter and daisy.

An external project, jxsl, provides a Maven archetype for XSpec (Ant is expected soon). The goal is to provide everything needed to integrate with Continuous Integration tools for Java (like Hudson, Cruise Control, etc.) See Benoit's presentation at Balisage 2011 in Montreal for more info.

The project owners are Jeni Tennison and Florent Georges.


For more information about using XSpec, visit the project wiki at If you have any questions, you can also join (or search the archives of) the XSpec discussion list:


XSpec is released under the MIT license. For a copy of this license, see LICENSE, or go to