Simplified API built on top of PHP SAPI
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PHPEMBED (Simplified API built on top of PHP SAPI)

Andrew Bosworth (

Last Modified: 2008-Mar-23

Phpembed is distributed under the Phpembed open source software license.
Please see the included LICENSE file.

For more information on phpmbed usage see documentation in ./docs

Installing phpembed


php 5.x must be installed with --enable-embed option turned on.
[ To enable building of embedded SAPI library ]

Building phpembed library:
NOTE: The phpembed library is just a more accessible and simplified library 
built on top of of the PHP SAPI.

If you are building from the first time out of the source repository, you will
need to generate the configure scripts.  From the top directory, do:


Once the configure scripts are generated, phpembed can be configured.
From the top directory, do:

        ./configure  [ default shared mode]

Run ./configure --help to see other configuration options

Make phpembed:


Install phpembed as superuser:

        make install

Note: To run bootstrap you may need the following:

        automake / aclocal -- 1.9.5
        autoconf -- 2.59
        autoheader -- 2.59
        libtool -- 1.5.16