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The C# version of the Fleetrace application.
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It contains:

  • FR59 - library projects (scoring code)
  • FR61 - library project (fleetrace code)
  • // FR62 - Full application (not included yet)
  • FR99 - Light version for viewing existing data.

Make FR99 the startup project.

When the application starts up it will load default test data included in the app.

First thing to test out is that you try to change the finish position of an entry in a race directly in the Grid.

  • Select a cell in a race column.
  • Press F2 to get it into edit mode.
  • Enter a whole positive number.
  • Press Enter.
  • Check that all other finish positions change as expected.

I always thought that this is extremely cool.

  • FRWF would be the Window Forms version.
  • FRWA is the Windows Presentation Framework version.
  • FRUA would be the Windows Universal Platform version.
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