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Performance tools for Flutter.
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natebosch Drop dependency on RxDart (#927)
Towards #926

The only usage was `BehaviorSubject` which can be replaced with `ValueNotifier` and some small tweaks.

- Copy `ValueNotifier` and related code from flutter into `fake_flutter`. There are some small differences from upstream:
  - Remove `Listenable.merge`.
  - Change the `_listeners` field to a plain List.
  - Change the exception handler to call `debugPrint`.
- Change the interface from exposing `Stream` to exposing `ValueListenable`. Merge the value and change fields into a single listenable getter and move the `.value` to call sites.
- Update the `.listen` calls to use `.addListener` and always eagerly act as if it had changed. Leave some TODO to explore whether this is necessary.
- Replace a `concat` operation with a manual `ValueNotifier` that updates itself using a boolean expression combination of two other values to match the intention of the field.
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Dart DevTools (preview)

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Dart DevTools is a suite of performance tools for Dart and Flutter. It’s currently in preview release, but we’re actively working on improvements and on shipping new versions.

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