Apache Maven Mojo for compiling clojure scripts to class files
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Welcome to the clojure-maven-plugin plugin for Apache Maven 2.

Compiling clojure sources

To use this plugin and start compiling clojure code as part of your maven build, add the following:


Without any configuration, the clojure-maven-plugin will compile ANY namespaces in ./src/main/clojure/.clj and ./src/test/clojure/.clj.

To change, or add additional source directories you can add the following configuration:


The plugin also provides a clojure:run and clojure:test goal, which will run clojure scripts defined by:


If you wish to limit or filter out namespaces during your compile, simply add a configuration section:


The namespace declaration is actually a regex match against discovered namespaces, and can also be prepended with an ! to filter the matching namespace.


clojure:repl and clojure:swank goals

clojure-maven-plugin supports two goals indented to make it easier to developers to run interactive clojure shells in the context of maven projects. This means that all dependencies in a project's runtime and test scopes will be automatically added to the classpath and available for experimentation.

Goal Description
clojure:repl Starts an interactive clojure REPL right on the command line.
clojure:swank Starts a Swank server that accepts connections on port 4005 (can be changed using the `-Dclojure.swank.port=X`option). You can connect to this server from emacs with `M-x slime-connect`.


In order to run clojure:repl or clojure:swank, your project needs to have a recent (1.0 or later) version of clojure as a dependency in pom.xml.


If JLine is detected in the classpath, it will be used to provide the clojure:repl goal with history, tab completion, etc. A simple way of enabling this is to put the following in your pom.xml:



The clojure:swank goal requires a recent version of swank-clojure as a dependency. Unfortunatly, this library is currently not available in the central maven repository, and has to be downloaded and installed manually:

  1. Download http://cloud.github.com/downloads/jochu/swank-clojure/swank-clojure-1.0-SNAPSHOT-distribution.zip
  2. Unzip the distribution and extract the swank-clojure-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file within.
  3. Run the following command to install the jar file to your local repository:

    mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=com.codestuffs.clojure -DartifactId=swank-clojure -Dversion=1.0-SNAPSHOT -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/path/to/jarfile
  4. Put the following in your pom.xml



The clojure:swank goals support the following options that can be configured as system properties:

Property Default value Description
clojure.swank.port 4005 Only applicable for the clojureshell:swank goal. The port number that the Swank server should listen to.
clojure.swank.protocolVersion 2009-09-14 Only applicable for the clojureshell:swank goal. Specifies the version of the swank protocol.