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GStreamer OBS Studio plugin

  1. An OBS Studio source plugin to feed GStreamer launch pipelines into OBS Studio.

This plugin has interesting use cases but may be difficult to understand and is clunky use if you are not familiar with GStreamer.

  1. An OBS Studio encoder plugin to use GStreamer encoder elements into OBS Studio.

This may be interesting for people trying to run OBS Studio to different platforms like the RaspberryPi or NVIDIA Tegra.

  1. An OBS Studio video filter plugin to use GStreamer pipelines as video filters in OBS Studio.

This may be handy to quickly get some simple filters in but also complex pipelines are possible as long as no rate or dimension changes are done.


Experimental prebuilt 64-bit Windows plugin is available. You still require the official GStreamer run-time (MinGW version) to be installed.

Experimental prebuilt macOS plugin available. You still require the GStreamer run-time installed via Macports.

Experimental prebuilt Linux plugin is available. You still require the GStreamer run-time installed via your Linux ditribution's package manager.


The source plugin makes use of the GStreamer launch pipeline descriptions. Please refer to the GStreamer documentation to understand what this means:

This plugins provides two media sinks named video and audio. These are the media sinks that hand over data to OBS Studio. So your pipeline should connect to these sinks.

An example pipeline:

videotestsrc is-live=true ! video/x-raw, framerate=30/1, width=960, height=540 ! video. audiotestsrc wave=ticks is-live=true ! audio/x-raw, channels=2, rate=44100 ! audio.

RTMP example:

uridecodebin uri=rtmp:// name=bin ! queue ! video. bin. ! queue ! audio.

RTSP example:

uridecodebin uri=rtsp:// name=bin ! queue ! video. bin. ! queue ! audio.

HLS example:

uridecodebin uri= name=bin ! queue ! video. bin. ! queue ! audio.

Linux webcam example:

v4l2src ! decodebin ! video.

Linux webcam example with watchdog (automatically restarts the pipeline if the webcam stream crashes for some reason):

v4l2src ! watchdog ! decodebin ! video.

If you don't understand what is happening in these lines please check the GStreamer documentation as mentioned above!


$ meson --buildtype=release build
$ ninja -C build

# optional for installing the plugin
$ sudo ninja -C build install

It will install into the obs-plugins directory inside whatever libdir in meson is set to.


meson --buildtype=release --libdir=lib

will install at /usr/local/lib/obs-plugins.

If you want it to install outside of /usr/local you will have to set a prefix as well.


meson --buildtype=release --libdir=lib --prefix=/usr

You can also make it install in your user home directory (wherever that directory was exactly..)