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Recreational Software Design's GameMaker product, released in 1994
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This is the source code and executables for Recreational Software Design's GameMaker product, released in 1994.

You can learn more about this product here:



Using This Repository

After cloning this repository on your machine, you will see the following directories:

cd: The GameMaker cd image first released in 1994. This can be used to install GameMaker and contains all the sample games code: The GameMaker source code (and other stuff) runtime: This is an image of a typical "c:" disk with GameMaker installed. This makes it easy to run GameMaker inside a dosbox. tools: Compilers

First step: install dosbox. []

Next "cd" to the root directory of this repository.

Now run dosbox.

Inside your dosbox, run:

mount c runtime

Now you can run GameMaker with:

cd c:\gm

To start working with the source code, run:


This will mount the compiler into the "t:" directory, and the source code into "d:".

Now to compile everything:

cd gm
del *.obj
del *.exe

To create a single program:

create palchos
create blocedit


In today's world, I've been editing the code outside of dosbox in linux/emacs and then (in the dosbox window) hit ctrl-f4 to sync the disk inside dosbox with the external changes. YMMV.

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