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Garden grows and cultivates collections of Git trees ~ Official mirror of


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Garden grows and cultivates collections of Git trees.

Garden is a simple yet expressive command runner and multi-repo Git configuration tool. Garden helps you create development workflows over collections of self-contained, loosely-coupled and inter-dependent Git worktrees.

cargo install garden-tools


Read the Garden User Guide for details on how to use and configure Garden.

Read the Garden API Documentation for details on how to use the Garden APIs for developing Garden.


Use Cases

  • Garden bootstraps Git-based multi-repo development environments from source. Garden can store and apply git config and git remote configuration to existing or new Git worktrees that Garden can "grow" (clone) into existence.

  • Garden runs commands over collections of Git repositories. The simplicity of Garden's syntax and its dynamic expression variables makes it a viable replacement for make when used as a simple task runner.

  • Garden is configured using YAML files alongside a familiar UNIX shell syntax that leverages your existing shell knowledge. If you already know POSIX/bash/zsh shell then you can learn to use garden with minimal effort.

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Code Status

Build status MIT License

Garden is actively maintained and its core functionality is stable and feature-complete.