This is an exercise to show us where your front-end skills are.
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Front End Exercise

This is an exercise to show us where your UI/UX design and front-end skills are. Feel free to use any tools or frameworks you want.

Getting Started

Download this repo

Step 1

Create an HTML5 page with a header, footer and main section in index.html. The main section should contain a content section and a sidebar. Make the sidebar align to the right side of the content section.

index.html should include:

  • test.css
  • test.js

The header should include a nav with three links:

  • Home - index.html
  • About - /about
  • Blog - /blog

Step 2

In the content section of the site, build out a simple blog post that has a featured image. Feel free to pull in some alternative placeholders with something like Zombie Ipsum or Cincy Ipsum for text and Fill Murray or Place Kitten for the image. Design this however you would like, we want to see your style shine through.

Step 3

Using CSS, make index.html responsive. Style from mobile through desktop views.


  • Write your styles in SCSS, SASS, or LESS
  • For using BEM methodology

I'm Finished!

  • Awesome, now attach a zip of your finished code exercise with your application here.