An implementation of POSIX bc with GNU extensions
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This is an implementation of POSIX bc that implements GNU bc extensions, as well as the period (.) extension for the BSD flavor of bc.

For more information, see this bc's full manual.

This bc also includes an implementation of dc in the same binary, accessible via a symbolic link, which implements all FreeBSD and GNU extensions. If a single dc binary is desired, bc can be copied and renamed to dc. The ! command is omitted; I believe this is poses security concerns and that such functionality is unnecessary.

For more information, see the dc's full manual.

This bc is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). It is offered under the BSD 0-clause License. Full license text may be found in the file.


This bc should build unmodified on any POSIX-compliant system.

For more complex build requirements than the ones below, see the build manual.

After building, make install will install the bc in /usr/local.


For the default build with optimization, use the following commands in the root directory:

./ -O3
make install


For debug builds, use the following commands in the root directory:

./ -g
make install

Pre-built Binaries

It is possible to download pre-compiled binaries for a wide list of platforms, including Linux- and Windows-based systems, from xstatic. This link always points to the latest release of bc.


This bc is robust.

It is well-tested, fuzzed, and fully standards-compliant (though not certified) with POSIX bc. The math has been tested with 30+ million random problems, so it is as correct as I can make it.

This bc can be used as a drop-in replacement for any existing bc. This bc is also compatible with MinGW toolchains, though history is not supported on Windows.


This bc has similar performance to GNU bc. It is slightly slower on certain operations and slightly faster on others. Full benchmark data are not yet available.


To see what algorithms this bc uses, see the algorithms manual.

Other Projects

Other projects based on this bc are:

  • busybox bc. The busybox maintainers have made their own changes, so any bugs in the busybox bc should be reported to them.

  • toybox bc The maintainer has also made his own changes, so bugs in the toybox bc should be reported there.


This bc is written in pure ISO C99, using POSIX 2008 API's.

Commit Messages

This bc uses the commit message guidelines laid out in this blog post.

Semantic Versioning

This bc uses semantic versioning.


Items labelled with (maintainer use only) are not included in release source tarballs.

Files:     The configure script.       Install script.     Script for package maintainers to find the optimal Karatsuba number.       A Markdown form of the BSD 0-clause License.          A script to link dc to bc.      The Makefile template.        List of contributors and copyright owners.       A checklist for making a release (maintainer use only).       A script to run during the release process (maintainer use only).  Safe install script from musl libc.


dist     Files to cut toybox/busybox releases (maintainer use only).
gen      The `bc` math library, help texts, and code to generate C source.
include  All header files.
manuals  Manuals for both programs.
src      All source code.
tests    All tests.