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OpenQuake Engine

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The OpenQuake Engine is an open source software that provides calculation and assessment of seismic hazard, risk and decision-making tools via the data, methods and standards that are being developed by the GEM (Global Earthquake Model) Foundation and its collaborators. DOI: 10.13117/openquake.engine

AGPLv3 PyPI Version PyPI - Wheel

Current Long Term Support (LTS) release - for users wanting stability

Current LTS version is the OpenQuake Engine 3.16 'Angela':

The code name for version 3.16 is Angela, in memory of the Italian science journalist Piero Angela. What's new

Latest release - for users needing the latest features

Latest stable version is the OpenQuake Engine 3.20.* What's new


Since version 3.19 the OpenQuake Engine documentation has been consolidated into a single site:


A mirror of this repository, hosted in Pavia (Italy), is available at

The main download server ( is hosted in Nürnberg (Germany).


The OpenQuake Engine is released under the GNU Affero Public License 3.



The OpenQuake Engine is developed by the Global Earthquake Model Foundation (GEM) with the support of

Public Partners

Private Partners



Associate Partners

Project Partners

Products Distribution Partners

If you would like to help support development of OpenQuake, please contact us at For more info visit the GEM website at