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@jessfraz jessfraz released this May 7, 2019

Below are easy install instructions by OS and Architecture. As always there are always the standard instructions in the as well.


amd64 - linux
# Export the sha256sum for verification.
$ export IMG_SHA256="41aa98ab28be55ba3d383cb4e8f86dceac6d6e92102ee4410a6b43514f4da1fa"

# Download and check the sha256sum.
$ curl -fSL "" -o "/usr/local/bin/img" \
	&& echo "${IMG_SHA256}  /usr/local/bin/img" | sha256sum -c - \
	&& chmod a+x "/usr/local/bin/img"

$ echo "img installed!"

# Run it!
$ img -h
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