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EB Garamond

Claude Garamont’s designs go open source

This project aims at providing a free version of the Garamond types, based on the Designs of the Berner specimen from 1592.

In the end, the fonts shall cover extended latin, greek and cyrillic scripts in different styles (regular, italic, bold, bolditalic) and design sizes. There are also fonts containing initials based on those found in a 16th century french bible print. The fonts make heavy use of opentype features for specialities like small caps or different number styles as well as for imitating renaissance typography.

For the use with Xe- and LuaLaTeX I’m working on a configuration for mycrotype. For the use on the web via @fontface, the make-script produces eot and woff files which can be found in the web section. But be aware that they are not subset but contain the whole fonts, which might result in undesirably big files. Webfont hosters like googlefonts or fontsquirrel might provide better solutions.

Fonts in this repository

Font Description
EBGaramond-Initials Initials
EBGaramond-InitialsF1 Background (the ornament) of initials
EBGaramond-InitialsF2 Foreground (the letter) of initials
EBGaramond-Lettrines Workbench for Initials fonts (not included in releases)
EBGaramond08-Italic Italic font for design size 8pt (very rough spacing!)
EBGaramond08-Regular Regular font for design size 8pt
EBGaramond12-AllSC All smallcaps font for programs that ignore opentype features
EBGaramond12-Italic Italic font for design size 12pt
EBGaramond12-Regular Regular font for design size 12pt
EBGaramond12-Bold Bold font for design size 12pt (very rough/unusable; not included in releases)
EBGaramondSC08-Regular Smallcaps font for programs that ignore opentype features (12pt)
EBGaramondSC08-Regular Smallcaps font for programs that ignore opentype features (12pt)

This is a work in progress, so expect bugs! The quality of the fonts still varies widely! You can see every font’s current state in its *-Glyphs.pdf file in the specimen section.


Type URL
Nightly build

For more infos please visit

Build instructions

To build the fonts from source on the latest Debian or Ubuntu, you will need the FontForge python libraries and the Freetype TTF auto hinter installed:

sudo apt-get install python3-fontforge ttfautohint

Then run make, and the fonts should appear in a build subdirectory:


Note: You may need to run make clean first, to remove any leftover files from previous builds.