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Free software for accessing MiniDisc devices
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  qmake (you don't need the whole Qt stuff for the non-GUI parts, just qmake)
  glib (for the core library)
  mad (for MP3 transfer, can be disabled)
  libgcrypt (for PCM transfer, can be disabled)
  Qt (for the GUI)


This project uses the qmake build system to cooperate with the Qt Creator
IDE. To compile in Qt Creator, just open To compile at the
command line, run


Depending on the default configuration of your system, you will find
the executables in the debug subdirectory, the release subdirectories or
directly in the directories qhimdtransfer and himdtest.

To disable the optional features, the following keywords are recognized
in the CONFIG variable:

  without_mad -> disables MP3 support; you wont need mad
  without_gcrypt -> disables PCM support; you wont need gcrypt
  without_gui -> disables qhimdtransfer; you wont need Qt and sox

So, the minimal configuration is built by using

  qmake CONFIG+=without_mad CONFIG+=without_gcrypt CONFIG+=without_gui
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