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NetBeans module to support the Golo language. The current version implements the syntax highlighting for Golo 2.0.0, project creation and project running.



With NetBeans 7.3 and 7.2, you can install Golo Plugin from the plugin manager.

For NetBeans different to 7.2 & 7.3 or simply to debug/run Golo Plugin, open the module with NetBeans and run it. This should launch a new instance of NetBeans with the Golo Plugin installed. If NetBeans asks, do not import the settings from a previous version. Before anything, select the folder containing your Golo distribution in the Golo section of NetBeans' settings.

###New project

Any folder containing a file "golo.project", even empty, is seen by Netbeans as a Golo project. To create a new project, go to "File > New Project" and select any sample in the category called "Golo".

###Open project

If your project's folder contains a "golo.project" you can open it directly with Netbeans. If it doesn't, simply touch a "golo.project" into the folder containing your project.

###Create a golo file

Go to "File > New File" and select any sample in the category called "Golo Examples".

###Run project

There are several ways to run a Golo project :

  • Project view : right click on a golo file and choose "Run Golo Project"
  • Menu bar : "Run > Run Golo Project"
  • Toolbar : click on the Golo logo beside the "Build" button.

###Build plugin

Open the plugin in Netbeans, right-click on the project and choose "Create NBM". You will then find the .nbm in "/build".


###"No dependent module"

Take a look at the Jave section of Netbeans' settings to find the folder containing Ant and add it to nbproject/ For instance : ${}/extide:\.

###"TokenMgrError" when editing quotes

Fixing in progress.


Netbeans module to support the Golo language



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