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A Swift library for benchmarking code snippets, similar to google/benchmark.


import Benchmark

benchmark("add string reserved capacity") {
    var x: String = ""
    for _ in 1...1000 {
        x += "hi"


At runtime, you can filter which benchmarks to run by using the --filter command line flag. For more details on what options are available, pass either the -h or --help command line flags.


$ swift run -c release BenchmarkMinimalExample --help
USAGE: benchmark-command [--allow-debug-build] [--filter <filter>] [--filter-not <filter-not>] [--iterations <iterations>] [--warmup-iterations <warmup-iterations>] [--min-time <min-time>] [--max-iterations <max-iterations>] [--time-unit <time-unit>] [--inverse-time-unit <inverse-time-unit>] [--columns <columns>] [--format <format>] [--quiet]

  --allow-debug-build     Overrides check to verify optimized build.
  --filter <filter>       Run only benchmarks whose names match the regular expression.
  --filter-not <filter-not>
                          Exclude benchmarks whose names match the regular expression.
  --iterations <iterations>
                          Number of iterations to run.
  --warmup-iterations <warmup-iterations>
                          Number of warm-up iterations to run.
  --min-time <min-time>   Minimal time to run when automatically detecting number iterations.
  --max-iterations <max-iterations>
                          Maximum number of iterations to run when automatically detecting number iterations.
  --time-unit <time-unit> Time unit used to report the timing results.
  --inverse-time-unit <inverse-time-unit>
                          Inverse time unit used to report throughput results.
  --columns <columns>     Comma-separated list of column names to show.
  --format <format>       Output format (valid values are: json, csv, console, none).
  --quiet                 Only print final benchmark results.
  -h, --help              Show help information.

$ swift run -c release BenchmarkMinimalExample
running add string no capacity... done! (1832.52 ms)
running add string reserved capacity... done! (1813.96 ms)

name                         time     std        iterations
add string no capacity       37435 ns ±   6.22 %      37196
add string reserved capacity 37022 ns ±   1.75 %      37749

For more examples, see Sources/BenchmarkMinimalExample and Sources/BenchmarkSuiteExample.


Add this library as a SwiftPM dependency:

let package = Package(
    name: ... ,
    products: [
        .executable(name: "Benchmarks", targets: ["Benchmarks"])
    dependencies: [
      .package(url: "", from: "0.1.0")
    targets: [
            name: "Benchmarks",
            dependencies: [.product(name: "Benchmark", package: "swift-benchmark")]


The project is in an early stage and offers only a basic set of benchmarking utilities. Feel free to file issues and feature requests to help us prioritize what to do next.


Please see LICENSE for details.


Please see for details.