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Grain CI Workflow License: LGPL v3 GitHub version

Grain is a new programming language that compiles to WebAssembly via Binaryen. For more information about the language, check out

If it's your first time here, we recommended that you follow the Grain guide to get up and running.


There are tons of ways to contribute to Grain. Check out our contributing guide for more info and come chat with us on Discord! All contributors are held to our contributor code of conduct.


Grain currently only works on Mac and Linux. We are hard at work trying to integrate Binaryen and OCaml on Windows, but this is uncharted territory! Please let us know if you have this low-level expertise. šŸ™‡

To build Grain, you'll need Node.js v14 and Yarn. To get everything set up, run:

yarn compiler build

This will set up the Grain runtime, standard library, and CLI.

If running tests is your kind of thing, run

yarn compiler test

If you are using vscode as your editor, we recommend you run:

yarn vscode

This will create local settings that point OCaml LSP to our compiler directory. Then, you should be able to use the OCaml Platform extension!

Other Commands

To build the standard library:

yarn stdlib build

To build the runtime:

yarn runtime build

To link the CLI:

yarn cli link

To reset your compiler build:

yarn compiler clean

To navigate tasks available in the system:

yarn run

This will display an interactive session where you can select the project and command you want.

Running Grain Programs

You can run programs using the Grain CLI:

echo "print('Hello world')" >

Alternatively, you can invoke the compiler directly:

grain compile

and then to run the compiled program:

grain run

Copyright Ā©ļø 2017-2020 Philip Blair, Oscar Spencer, & contributors.