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Compiler for Grain, the functional programming language. A modern web staple. 🌾
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License: LGPL v3 GitHub version

The Grain Compiler

Grain is a strongly-typed functional programming language built for the modern web by leveraging the brilliant work done by the WebAssembly project.

This language is still a work in progress, but be sure to stay tuned, or even contribute!

For more information about the language, visit



To build the compiler, have ocaml (version = 4.05) and opam (version >= 2.0) installed and on your path. Then,

# If needed, make sure you have OCaml 4.05 enabled
$ opam switch 4.05.0
# Then install dependencies and build
$ opam install . --deps-only
$ make

Running make install will symlink grainc onto your PATH.

You can run the tests with make tests.


To build the runtime, have node (version >= 9) and npm (version >= 5) installed. Then,

$ cd runtime
$ npm install
$ npm run build


To make the CLI available on your path, have node (version >= 9) and npm (version >= 5) installed. Then,

$ cd cli
$ npm install
$ npm link --global


To create a .wasm file, run the following:

$ grainc /path/to/ -o /path/to/output.wasm

For an example of how to run the file in JavaScript, look at the files under script. You'll need to create a symlink from script/public/javascripts/grain-runtime.js to the built file in runtime/dist/grain-runtime.js, or you'll have to just copy it over to run the example.

Alternatively, you can use the CLI to run your program on Node:

$ grain

Copyright ©️ 2017-2018 Philip Blair and Oscar Spencer.

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