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PostGraphile v4 Release Candidate 1

@benjie benjie released this
· 438 commits to main since this release
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The time has finally come, the features are built, the bugs are squashed, the performance is incredible - it's Release Candidate time!

Please let me know on Twitter or on Gitter how you get on with this release (positive or negative) so we can move to a full release!

If you've not moved to v4 yet, you are strongly encouraged to do so - v3 will not be receiving any more updates, and v4 has some massive performance gains: it's up to 3x faster for simple queries, and for slightly more complex but still fairly typical queries it is 17x faster. Yes, that wasn't a typo - 1700% faster! The more complex the query, the greater the performance gains!

If you're coming from PostGraphQL v3, check out the migration guide here.

This release contains just one fix; and that fix was just a single-character! PostGraphile now correctly handles negative values in money fields thanks to @farant.

If you appreciate the work that goes into PostGraphile, please support the work on Patreon so we can get new features and fixes out faster!