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GraphQL Java Kickstart

Provide libraries for using GraphQL Java. Some of these libraries used to be part of GraphQL Java itself, but have been extracted.


  1. A schema-first tool for graphql-java inspired by graphql-tools for JS

    Kotlin 781 172

  2. Servlet endpoint for GraphQL Java

    Java 212 113

  3. Forked from yandooo/graphql-spring-boot

    GraphQL and GraphiQL Spring Framework Boot Starters - Forked from oembedler/graphql-spring-boot due to inactivity.

    Java 1.5k 323

  4. Reactive GraphQL client for consuming GraphQL APIs from a Spring Boot application.

    Java 85 20

  5. samples Public

    Samples for using the graphql java kickstart projects

    Java 104 45

  6. JavaScript 2 8


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