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GraphQL and GraphiQL Spring Framework Boot Starters

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Table of Contents

WARNING: NoClassDefFoundError when using GraphQL Java Tools 5.4.x

If you're using graphl-java-tools you need to set the kotlin.version in your Spring Boot project explicitly to version 1.3.10, because Spring Boot Starter parent currently overrides it with a 1.2.* version of Kotlin. graphql-java-tools requires 1.3.* however because of its coroutine support. If you don't override this version you will run into a NoClassDefFoundError.

Spring Boot team has indicated the Kotlin version will be upgraded to 1.3 in Spring Boot 2.2.

Using Gradle

Set the Kotlin version in your


Using Maven

Set the Kotlin version in your <properties> section



See our new Documentation.

Repository contains:

  • graphql-spring-boot-starter to turn your boot application into GraphQL server (see graphql-java-servlet)
  • graphiql-spring-boot-starterto embed GraphiQL tool for schema introspection and query debugging (see graphiql)

Requirements and Downloads


  • Java 1.8
  • Spring Framework Boot > 2.x.x (web)


repositories {

dependencies {
  compile 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphql-spring-boot-starter:5.3.1'
  // to embed GraphiQL tool
  compile 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphiql-spring-boot-starter:5.3.1'

  // to embed Voyager tool
  compile 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:voyager-spring-boot-starter:5.3.1'
  // testing facilities
  testCompile 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphql-spring-boot-starter-test:5.3.1'



<!-- to embed GraphiQL tool -->

<!-- to embed Voyager tool -->

<!-- testing facilities -->

New releases will be available faster in the JCenter repository than in Maven Central. Add the following to use for Maven


For Gradle:

repositories {

Enable GraphQL Servlet

The servlet becomes accessible at /graphql if graphql-spring-boot-starter added as a dependency to a boot application and a GraphQLSchema bean is present in the application. Check out the simple example for the bare minimum required.

A GraphQL schema can also be automatically created when a supported graphql-java schema library is found on the classpath.

See the graphql-java-servlet usage docs for the avaiable endpoints exposed.

Available Spring Boot configuration parameters (either application.yml or

           mapping: /graphql
           enabled: true
           corsEnabled: true
           # if you want to @ExceptionHandler annotation for custom GraphQLErrors
           exception-handlers-enabled: true

By default a global CORS filter is enabled for /graphql/** context. The corsEnabled can be set to false to disable it.

Enable GraphiQL

GraphiQL becomes accessible at the root /graphiql if graphiql-spring-boot-starter is added as a dependency to a boot application.

Note that GraphQL server must be available at /graphql/* context to be discovered by GraphiQL.

Available Spring Boot configuration parameters (either application.yml or

    mapping: /graphiql
      graphql: /graphql
      subscriptions: /subscriptions
      basePath: /
    enabled: true
    pageTitle: GraphiQL
        enabled: false
        version: 0.11.11
            query: query.graphql
            defaultQuery: defaultQuery.graphql
            variables: variables.graphql
            editorTheme: "solarized light"
        Authorization: "Bearer <your-token>"

By default GraphiQL is served from within the package. This can be configured to be served from CDN instead, by setting the property graphiql.cdn.enabled to true.

You are able to set the GraphiQL props as well. The graphiql.props.variables group can contain any of the props as defined at GraphiQL Usage. Since setting (large) queries in the properties like this isn't very readable, you can use the properties in the graphiql.props.resources group to set the classpath resources that should be loaded.

Headers that are used when sending the GraphiQL queries can be set by defining them in the graphiql.headers group.

Supported GraphQL-Java Libraries

The following libraries have auto-configuration classes for creating a GraphQLSchema.

GraphQL Java Tools

All GraphQLResolver and GraphQLScalar beans, along with a bean of type SchemaParserDictionary (to provide all other classes), will be used to create a GraphQLSchema. Any files on the classpath named *.graphqls will be used to provide the schema definition. See the Readme for more info.

Available Spring Boot configuration parameters (either application.yml or

        schema-location-pattern: "**/*.graphqls"
        # Enable or disable the introspection query. Disabling it puts your server in contravention of the GraphQL
        # specification and expectations of most clients, so use this option with caution
        introspection-enabled: true

By default GraphQL tools uses the location pattern **/*.graphqls to scan for GraphQL schemas on the classpath. Use the schemaLocationPattern property to customize this pattern.


Contributions are welcome. Please respect the Code of Conduct.


graphql-spring-boot-starter and graphiql-spring-boot-starter are licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

graphql-java License

graphiql License

graphql-js License